Changing the Norms for Tourism and Leisure Activities

Until now, communication companies have failed in their attempts to provide relevant, integrated information on quality tourism and leisure activities in real time, when needed, at the right speed and in the right mix. ITTI’s new Tourism Solutions Generator is a gamechanger.

Dr. Gershon Paz-Tal
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Dr. Gershon Paz-Tal
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Our story began when we realized that no application, hardware, software or operational system in today’s world has no the ability to provide a comprehensive solution for Quality Tourism Information (Q.T.I.) for individual tourists that is fast, relevant in real time, and available on all communication technologies, including GPS, calling, online chat, email, voice and WhatsApp messaging. I filled this void following my PhD research at Sorbonne University in Paris, France.

Dr. Gershon Paz-TalCredit: Aviv Israeli

Presenting the Tourism Solutions Generator
ITTI Ltd. presents a system called the TSG-Tourism Solutions Generator as a new concept, which has the ability to provide solutions of Quality Tourism Information, thereby changing the norms of touring, travel, vacation and leisure activities worldwide. In short, our solution is a declaration point that only the correct formula, by the right combination of three factors (Technologies, Contents, and the Human Factors), supported by T.I.P. algorithm and Pazit software, can provide a useful response to the tourist and improve the economic outcomes of the tourism and leisure industry.

ITTI is seeking an international partner and Tourphonet™ service, based on the TSG concept to create new global norms of touring and leisure activities and a paradigm shift from search engines to Tourism Solutions Generator. The initiative can be operational in 9-24 months.

The TSG system by Tourphonet provides and creates 32 kinds of services, all of which are tailor-made, such as: all types of touring and visit plans, all types of routes for any wishes, and all types of trip, event and vacation plans. Also on the way: for X hours for Y days and so on. Tourphonet provides alternatives plans for all kinds of activities – on the way, on the road or in urban areas, also off road. All in real time. For any state. For any destination. For the first time in the world.

High potential in five target markets
We targeted five different markets simultaneously: communication and credit card companies, the consumer market (2-4 billion people a year worldwide), commercial businesses, municipal authorities and government, and communication companies.

We analyzed our competitors: thousands of companies trying but failing to provide what TSG offers. So, we prepared five businesses models: one for each market segment that we targeted. In general, TSG will generate from one Cellular Comp (around 2.5 M people) about $50-70 M a year. The total in Israel is estimated at $300-600 M for the 4th year. We require $10-12 million in funding to breakthrough in Israel. ITTI is seeking an international partner with a global economic horizon.

The innovations feature differences between receiving tourism information which is “pushed” by the manager of the attraction (2 out of 47 as discoveries research), toward the tourist and leisure activity player, against or between when the tourism information is “pumped”/extracted by the tourist himself at any time when it is needed, where it is needed.

The concept and technologies are patented in the United States as well as in Israel.

"This is a pioneering, creative, original work. TSG is a unified global management system that can advance the tourism industry worldwide. To sum up, Dr. Paz-Tal is a worthy candidate for the Innovation and Excellence Prize", says Prof. Gideon Kouts, head of the research Unit EA 2303 at Paris 8 University (Sorbonne), France.

Dr. Paz-Tal is the Chair and CEO of ITTI Ltd.

For information, please contact Dr. Paz-Tal: Tel: +972-544333504,