Coming Home to Kimama, in the Berkshires

An umbrella organization with day camps and overnight camps in the United States, Europe, and Israel, Kimama presents Half Moon, its first Israeli overnight camp in the US, combining nature and nurture for many meaningful experiences, under the summer sun - and moon!

Talia Klein Perez, partnered with Kimama
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“Each mom and dad should know that we care for their child”Credit: Kimama
Talia Klein Perez, partnered with Kimama
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For close to two decades, Camp Kimama has welcomed and embraced campers at its various locations in the United States, Europe, and Israel, bringing together new cultures, languages, and worlds, under the auspices of safe summertime fun. Each summer, children aged 6 to 17 from around the world flock to the day- and overnight camps for unique, lasting experiences with new and lifelong friends. Through activities such as surfing, windsurfing, diving, sailing, basketball, soccer, cooking, performing arts, visual arts, swimming, and more, the campers practice important life skills such as independence, leadership, personal development, and empowerment, while honing their own unique talents, and paving the way towards boosted self-confidence and perceived self-efficacy, both of which are integral traits to take home and exercise, year-round.

To achieve this goal, the Kimama organization’s Ambassadors program combines two of their esteemed programs - Kimama Michmoret and KimamaVan. Participants spend thirteen days in an authentic Israeli Summer camp experience right on the beach, and five days road tripping across northern Israel, taking in the sites and camping outdoors! Participants receive a RootOne Voucher that covers $3000 of the total trip cost, so making this unforgettable Israel experience that much more accessible to US teens..

According to Arnon Rabin, VP of Kimama Half Moon, the camps “offer such diverse programs, any and every camper can find a place for themselves. This has been our goal since we opened our first camp, nearly 20 years ago. We strive to make a comfortable place for everyone. Our trained staff accepts each camper where they are at, meets them with respect, and supports or empowers them to grow and transform.”

High standards, across borders

Sending your child away to camp can be emotional and conflicting. As such, Camp Kimama acknowledges and appreciates the trust parents place in their staff. “Each mom and dad should know that we care for their child,” Rabin says. Safety and security are our top priorities. Every year, every session, and every day, we strive to improve our communication so parents can feel reassured that all is well and witness (through pictures) parts of their child's camp experiences.”

wide range of activities and five-star facilitiesCredit: Kimama

It’s important to note that Kimama camps are staffed with older counselors, all of whom are experienced working with children, and most of whom are studying relevant fields at university. The camps also employ educators, social workers, behavior specialists, and psychologists to assist with persistent issues, especially regarding homesickness. “ Those children crying at the beginning of camp and missing home are usually those same campers who are crying the hardest at the end, as they aren't ready to leave their ‘camp family,’ Rabin recollects.

Additionally, Kimama endeavors to create a feeling of community and family while at camp. Appropriate behavior is positively reinforced and discipline is progressive, emphasizing natural consequences, as much as possible. The camp’s zero-tolerance policy for drugs and other illicit activities is strictly enforced.

Kimama Half Moon, our US home away from home

Situated on a scenic lakeside property in Massachusetts’ Berkshires region, Kimama Half Moon is Camp Kimama’s first Israeli camp in the US. With sessions taking place through July and August, Half Moon offers a wide range of activities and five-star facilities, with an added punch - the Israeli flavor and values Camp Kimama brings to every camper, at every one of its camps. Built by a dream team formed of a designer, architect, and contractor - all leading in their fields - the camp’s fully-renovated bunks reflect modern 2022 design, with creative, user-friendly personal space, within each cabin being a standout feature.

“Like most sleepaway camps, this is the place where they can be themselves and meet friends from all over the world” Credit: Kimama

At Half Moon, campers can participate in creative activities, such as arts and crafts, fashion, pottery, baking/cooking, theater, and photography. They can also get their adrenaline pumping while engaging in an impressive array of water and land sports - anything and everything from soccer, basketball, skateboarding, and martial arts to swimming, sailing, snorkeling, or even Zumba, ropes course, or cheerleading! Additionally, an Israeli chef has been brought in, to create a delicious new fusion menu that appeals to campers’ and staff members’ palates.

“Like most sleepaway camps, this is the place where they can be themselves and meet friends from all over the world,” Rabin explains. “We believe that every child has the freedom to be themselves, learn, explore, and be in a free environment, with no screens, whatsoever. Here, they can do art, music, sports and look at their friends in their eyes. Our underlying educational approach is to create programs and experiences which facilitate a journey for everyone to evolve and transform in ways they might otherwise not have the chance.”

An Israeli experience in America, with friends from all over the world

Rabin explains that “Kimama also offers a unique opportunity for campers to authentically experience Israeli culture.” The camp’s programs are run in Hebrew and English, counselors are Israeli, and the staff, much like the campers, are international. “Kimama feels like family, there is a sense of community. Our very international and diverse group of campers all feel welcome, supported, and cared for. Each individual is accepted for who they are, and are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones - to explore new activities, try different things, learn new skills, accept challenges and become friends with peers they would otherwise never have met,” like true Israeli pioneers!

From the camp’s Maccabiah (color war) adventure to weekly Shabbat services, and the option to converse in Hebrew with Israeli campers and staff members, at any given moment, Half Moon presents many unique opportunities and “firsts” that campers and staff members alike claim remain with them, for years to come.

Immerse your child in a full summer experience, with Kimama Half Moon

Registration for Kimama Half Moon’s one, two, and three-week sessions is now open. To learn more about Half Moon’s programming, staff, facilities, and policies, and to determine which/how many sessions are the perfect fit for your child, sign up for one of the camp’s weekly information sessions.

Partnered with Kimama