Daniel Kunin of Kusto Group Says Israeli Paint Giant Tambour’s International Expansion Is a Natural Next Step for the Company

Kusto Group is transforming a much-beloved Israeli company into an international leader in the paint and construction material industry

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Credit: BEN GBIR
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In Israel, Tambour is synonymous with paint. In 2014, the Israeli paint manufacturer was acquired by the Singapore-based multisector holding company, Kusto Group. Kusto Group, founded by Yerkin Tatishev, has set its sights on the untapped international potential of Tambour. According to Daniel Kunin, a Managing Director of Kusto Group, “Tambour had developed a successful track record in the domestic Israeli paint and construction industry. We believe that by combining Kusto Group’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation with Tambour’s strong foundation, we can grow this company into a global industry leader.”

Daniel Kunin, a Managing Director of Kusto Group who oversaw the acquisition of Israeli paint company Tambour, is optimistic about the company's potential for global expansion.

Daniel Kunin, a Managing Director of Kusto Group who oversaw the acquisition of Israeli paint company Tambour, is optimistic about the company's potential for global expansion.Credit: BEN GBIR

A Paint Company with a Rich History

The success of Tambour Paints is closely linked with the storied history of Israel as a modern country. Tambour played an integral role in the building of the nation of Israel with its paints and products used by many new immigrants to build their homes and communities. Founded in 1936, twelve years before the nation-state of Israel existed, Tambour has been a trusted leader in the country’s paint and construction manufacturing industry for decades. In 1945, Tambour became a national name when their paints were used in the construction of Israel’s first national theater, the Habima in Tel Aviv.

Tambour’s current operations range from the manufacturing of paint products for home and industry to construction products such as gypsum boards, powders and glues, through to unique materials for the aviation, rail, and shipping industries, the print industry and more.

Tambour represents Israeli ingenuity and innovation in action. The celebrated paint manufacturer has grown from a small, family-owned and operated company to a renowned and trusted brand in the regional construction industry. Kusto Group aspires to elevate Tambour’s profile even further.

Kusto Group: A Company with an International Vision

Kusto Group operates in diverse sectors including oil and natural gas, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and real estate. Kusto Group subsidiaries are located across four continents with a presence in Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia and Canada.

Yerkin Tatishev, the Chairman of Kusto Group, has built his company on realizing the potential of emerging economies, with an emphasis on creating technology-driven, sustainable growth through modernization. With a goal of producing superior quality products through high-tech innovative methods, Kusto Group has quickly become a pioneer in multiple industries across the globe. Kusto Group has invested heavily in modernizing the agricultural sectors of Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The company produces high-quality construction materials to supply the fast-growing construction markets in Vietnam and South East Asia.

In Israel, Tatishev was inspired by the creativity and ingenuity in what has been dubbed the ‘start-up nation’. After first becoming aware of Tambour, Kusto Group successfully outbid other competitors and purchased the Israeli paint company from the Azrieli Group.

According to Daniel Kunin, who oversaw the company’s acquisition of the Israeli paint giant, “This is a classic example of how Kusto operates. Someone spots an opportunity, does the research and closes the deal. The company is a flat organization that is extremely entrepreneurial. Initiative is rewarded, taking responsibility is encouraged. This, in turn, fosters a culture of innovation.”

Embracing Expansion

Today, Kusto veteran Max Sartiyev is the Chairman of Tambour and local Israeli Micha Scharir was recently appointed as Tambour’s CEO. Kusto Group has worked to optimize and expand the Israeli paint manufacturer’s production capabilities and improving the company’s efficiency. Products that were beyond the core scope of Tambour’s production were discontinued and a renewed emphasis has been placed on research and development initiatives to improve the company’s current offerings.

Kusto Group has also worked to shift Tambour’s focus from the domestic market towards greater international opportunities by improving their logistics and business processes, including the introduction of a new IT infrastructure to support the expansion of worldwide operations.

Tambour currently operates six factories across Israel and provides employment for hundreds of people. This includes Israel’s largest paint factory located in Akko, a city in the northern region of the country, where decorative and exterior paints are made. Metal and industrial paints are produced at the Askar factory. A second factory in Akko manufactures gypsum board. Electrostatic powders for advanced dyeing of aluminum and metals are produced at Tambour’s factory in Migdal Ha’emek.

This year, Kusto began the expansion of Tambour’s Israeli manufacturing capabilities. Tambour will be installing state of the art manufacturing technology in their factory in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon which manufactures construction materials and printing colors. The company also completed the acquisition of a plaster product manufacturing factory in Kibbutz Gesher.

Tambour has established itself as a leader in the Israeli domestic market with its paint and construction materials. Kusto Group acquired the company in 2014 and aspires to take Tambour global.

Tambour has established itself as a leader in the Israeli domestic market with its paint and construction materials. Kusto Group acquired the company in 2014 and aspires to take Tambour global.Credit: BEN GBIR

From Domestic Leader to International Champion Header

In 2018, Tambour made its first acquisition outside of Israel with the purchase of Italian paint brand Colorificio Zetagi for a reported €7 million. The company specializes in the production of industrial paints, complementing Tambour’s current range of products. The purchase of this Italian firm will provide Tambour a base for their continued expansion into the European market.

Currently, Tambour paints are available in Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean region, South East Asia, South Africa and North America. The company has plans to reach more European nations in the near future. Kusto Group hopes to introduce Tambour’s products to the various markets which they operate in around the world.

Building a Better Product

Tambour has a simple mission to positively improve our living environment through its products. Not only are Tambour’s paints of superior quality, but the company also places great importance on environmentally-friendly, sustainable manufacturing processes and products. Environmental protection is a core philosophy of Kusto Group and the company aspires to embed this ideal into all of their operations and product offerings.

Tambour has made efforts to incorporate recycled materials into their merchandise and to remove harmful, damaging chemicals from their products – including reducing volatile thinners in its paints. The Standards Intuition of Israel has awarded Tambour’s decorative paints a Green Label for their continued efforts to reduce their environmental impact.

In addition to developing an innovative production process, Tambour has embraced technology in their marketing strategy as well. Reaching out through its website and social media channels, Tambour has found a way to attract a new audience and showcase the possibilities of their products. The company’s YouTube channel has garnered more than 1m views and includes multiple videos that give advice and DIY training to customers.

With the continued domestic and international expansion of Tambour, Kusto Group aspires to transform the leading local company into a globally dominant brand recognized for their superior and innovative products. While not necessarily a new company by any means, Tambour is sure to be a rising star to watch in Israel and abroad.