A New DAWN in FemTech

A new FemTech startup in Israel has created an AI-driven personal diagnostic system that will revolutionize the way women’s medical symptoms are diagnosed and treated. By analyzing detailed data collected from women across the globe, DAWN can significantly shorten the delay between the onset of the symptoms and diagnosis, discover new comorbidities and even prevent disease.

Talia Klein Perez, partnered with IN-VENTech
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A New DAWN in FemTech
A New DAWN in FemTech
Talia Klein Perez, partnered with IN-VENTech
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Everybody knows that man and woman are different or at least understand there is a difference.

Men come from Mars and women from Venus, however, it is a fact that over 90% of diagnostics made by doctors for women’s diseases are based on clinical trials and research conducted on Men.

DAWN stands for Diagnostic Assistant for Women by Network. It is an “AI-driven female-centric health personal diagnostic system.” The DAWN app collects data from women across the world and thus creates a massive database of medical information specifically pertaining to women. The goal is to identify and prevent diseases in order to significantly shorten the delay between the onset of the symptoms and diagnosis. The software will also offer treatment recommendations, based on medical as well as holistic approaches. The software can create personal medical logs that doctors can then use to either diagnose or refer their patients to the appropriate medical expert.

To collect the information, the app asks its users various questions; over 200 questions were drafted, vetted, and carefully analyzed by various medical professionals. With such a vast database, the company hopes not only to change the way the medical community diagnoses women but to expand the knowledge base in the field of women’s medicine. DAWN’s software will be able to use the symptoms that women report to identify common comorbidities and correlations that have heretofore gone unnoticed or ignored.

The story of DAWN is the story of its founder Keren Golan who is no ordinary entrepreneur. Keren is a forty-something-year-old woman who designed her first computer game at the age of ten and since then, filled various roles in the hi-tech industry working with different start-ups and pursuing a passion for healthcare. This eventually led her to start her own company, Zamir Accessibility, which generates technological solutions for people with disabilities.

Aside from being an experienced programmer and entrepreneur, Keren also suffers from a disease called endometriosis. According to the World Health Organization, endometriosis is a disease characterized by the presence of tissue resembling endometrium (the lining of the uterus) outside of the uterus.

The symptoms of the disease are broad and vary between women, making them difficult to recognize and diagnose. To date, approximately 200 million women in the world have been diagnosed with endometriosis, with an estimated 800 million remaining undiagnosed. Even so, very little research has been done to ensure prevention, early diagnosis, and proper treatment and pain management.

For four years Golan visited different experts, undergoing endless medical exams and alternative treatments and dietary changes brought little relief and none of her doctors had any answers.

When she finally received her diagnosis, her body had already undergone so much irreparable damage that despite surgically removing her uterus, she still experiences pain almost daily. Golan’s harrowing and painful journey navigating the medical system is what inspired her to start her current startup, DAWN.

DAWN in the FemTech Sphere

Golan believes that a lack of female-focused study has led to a disproportionate number of women living in pain and suffering from symptoms that seem to baffle the medical community. And she’s right; most medications and symptoms that we know of today were studied and tested on men. That is despite the proven findings and general consensus among doctors and researchers that diseases often manifest themselves differently in men and women.

DAWN is still in its early stages but is already in discussions with two hospitals in Israel and one in the United States. The company has raised pre-seed investment round with Fusion L.A. VC and currently is raising it’s seed round.

Since the beginning of the year, Golan and her team have joined forces with IN-VENTech, a unique startup business program backed by the Haifa Municipality, hiCenter, and the Haifa Economic Corporation. The program was initiated in order to support and promote the growing innovation ecosystem in downtown Haifa.

For Golan, IN-VENTech has proved to be an invaluable source of guidance and support, particularly on the business and marketing side of the operations.

Our vision is a world where women get diagnosed as fast as men do. Massive unexplained pain can be prevented and treated for healthier lives. Our mission is to transform the lives of billions of women on the planet impacted by unknown syndromes, by collecting their symptoms.

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