ProfiSea Labs Raises 2 Million US$ in Seed Funding To Kick Off New Era for CloudOps Industry

The market welcomes a new generation, AI-based multi-Cloud management platform that visualizes Cloud assets, maximizes Cloud utilization, reduces waste, and lowers Cloud spending

ProfiSea Labs
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CTO Vladi Shulman & CEO Vera Shulman
“My dream is to enable DevOps engineers, FinOps experts and IT managers to manage cloud spending easily and automatically"Credit: Aviv Kurt
ProfiSea Labs
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Newcomer ProfiSea Labs, founded in 2020, is winning over the Cloud-based digital market whenever they present their innovative Cloud management platform, which had already been praised by ProfiSea Labs’ satisfied Beta customers. It took a mere year for ProfiSea Lab’s team to create a technology that is uniquely capable of handling all the most painful points felt by CloudOps engineers and IT managers, most of whom now face increasing pressure to reduce IT costs urgently, but only in a way that does the least harm to business health.

ProfiSea Labs recently raised a first 2-million dollars round of seed investment from prominent angel investors in the US to pursue its goal of making Cloud management easier and more affordable.

ProfiSea Labs founders, who are Cloud industry veterans owning a successful DevOps boutique consultancy, were able to leverage their DevOps mindset and high-end expertise to create the innovative CloudOps platform which helps customers gain control over their Cloud infrastructure.

According to Gartner, end-user spending on public Cloud services is expected to reach $482 billion in 2022. Furthermore, public Cloud spending is expected to exceed 45% of all enterprise IT spending by 2026. In addition, since public Cloud service providers are now ubiquitous and the market is overloaded with services, Cloud service sprawl is now causing total disorientation for Cloud non-experts, while also resulting in unreasonable waste of Cloud resources that triggered a public Cloud loss of $26.6 billion in 2021.

ProfiSea Labs experts are convinced that a lack of visibility over what is happening in the Cloud is a clear factor in the confusion arising around Cloud bills. It is a huge challenge for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and fledgling startups, but the truth is that I&O leaders in large enterprises also report the same pain.

ProfiSea Labs Raises 2 million US$ in Seed Funding To Kick Off New Era for CloudOps IndustryCredit: Aviv Kurt

The market is in great need of a Unified CloudOps platform, that will make it easy for every organization to understand, build, optimize, and protect their multi-Cloud infrastructure. CloudOps is an emerging trend that aims to ensure that the benefits of the Cloud continue unabated without any loss in control. ProfiSea Labs solution was designed to allow its users to visualize and optimize their Cloud infrastructure and to gain control over their Cloud.

“I know how frustrating the chase for Cloud cost reduction of large Cloud accounts can be,” says Vladi Shulman, ProfiSea Labs’ Founder and CTO. “My dream is to enable DevOps engineers, FinOps experts, R&D and IT managers to easily and automatically manage Cloud spending and have more time to focus on creative and business-related tasks. In the world of technology and machine learning, there is no need to spend the priceless time of DevOps specialists on manual diagrams mapping and analyzing Cloud costs in their efforts not to exceed the budget when automation could do it for them. Moreover, we are currently working on the integration of our platform with most popular DevOps CI/CD tools and infrastructure as code concepts, so that the DevOps mindset will be applicable for cost optimization challenges as well as productivity and agility goals.”

ProfiSea Labs’ innovative approach is built around a visual representation of all a company’s Cloud assets, coupled with AI-based well-rounded cost optimization automation that works together so customers can see all the wasted areas and make cost-saving decisions quickly and safely. In terms of savings, ProfiSea Labs’ experts combine all the best practices in Cloud cost optimization into a unified, unique saving strategy where ProfiSea Labs releases or downsizes any unused capacity, suggests, and manages AI-based scheduling policies, reduces costs with a patented spot management technology, and manages reservations with a smart offering, helping ProfiSea Labs’ customers to save up to 90% of their Cloud spendings. ProfiSea Labs already supports major Cloud vendor Amazon Web Services (AWS), and support for Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure is to follow shortly. The solution from ProfiSea Labs will help young startups keep their Cloud costs in check, while also being beneficial to large enterprises in which business units’ managers and FinOps organizations need to take responsibility for their Cloud budget.

CTO Vladi Shulman & CEO Vera ShulmanCredit: Aviv Kurt

“ProfiSea Labs’ creation is a pure pleasure journey thanks to our young and super talented team,” says Vera Shulman, ProfiSea Labs’ Founder, and CEO. “We strongly believe that talent has nothing to do with age and location – our team is geographically distributed in Israel, Ukraine, Spain, and the USA, with an age spectrum of 18 to 55. We share the same passion for excellence and the values of professionalism, innovation, transparency, and lean development to provide our customers with a put-it-all-together solution. Already in the Beta stage, we have many happy customers who automatically save money and finally have a visual representation of their Cloud environments. Our main goal is to transform the Cloud industry and make it equally accessible to small, medium, and large companies. And our primary target is to provide users with trailblazing Cloud management software that reduces expenses, streamlines processes and maximizes Cloud infrastructures. We genuinely want businesses of all sizes to reap the benefits of our innovations and enjoy the technological excellence that will boost their growth and development. ProfiSea Labs empowers users to take full advantage of Cloud investments and guarantees that managing Cloud environments has never been easier.”

ProfiSea Labs brings to market a new generation AI-Based multi-Cloud management platform to visualize Cloud assets, maximize Cloud utilization, reduce waste, and lower Cloud spending in keeping with business goals.

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