The Fungi That Strengthen Cannabis

Endomycorrhizal fungi associate with the roots of the cannabis plant in mutually beneficial symbiosis, supporting its growth. DYNOMYCO® inoculants for cannabis growers are based on these fungi and enable cultivation of stronger and higher quality plants

Assaf Levanon, with DYNOMYCO
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Cannabis plants
DYNOMYCO has been tested in multiple cannabis farms in Israel and abroad
Assaf Levanon, with DYNOMYCO
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While the cannabis plant has many benefits, it is not perfect. Innate structural inefficiencies inhibit cannabis roots’ ability to uptake sufficient nutrients and fertilizer, even when growing under ideal conditions. Endomycorrhizal fungi turn this obstacle into a mutually beneficial partnership. These fungi create symbioses with the plant, facilitating absorption of key nutrients, such as phosphorus, from the surrounding soil. This plant-fungi symbiosis – known simply as mycorrhiza – breaks down nutrients that the plant is unable to access independently and transports them into the roots, rendering them bioavailable for the plant. The result is faster growth and cannabis buds of higher quality and strength.

“When humans eat well, we feel good, we are healthier, we are more fertile and better able to withstand stress – the same holds true for the cannabis plant,” explains Dan Grotsky, General Manager of the DYNOMYCO division of Groundwork BioAg, an Israeli agtech start-up. DYNOMYCO facilitates the relationship between cannabis and endomycorrhizal fungi with their smart yet simple product: a highly concentrated mycorrhizal inoculant that supports the realization of the inoculated plants’ full potential. Plants treated with DYNOMYCO tend to quickly develop a larger and more stable root mass, allowing the plant to fully benefit from the nutrients within the growing media.

“The product we have developed is unique in the global cannabis market. It has been isolated, studied and developed by our team of researchers and experts in the fields of soil, plant science and agriculture,” says Grotsky. “DYNOMYCO contains 900 propagules per gram and comprises a blend of two species of endomycorrhizal fungi: Glomus intraradices and Glomus mosseae. The innovative blend of these species has been developed by our R&D team and has been found to be the most suitable for cannabis. The fungi form the underlying framework of the soil-based ecosystem in which healthy cannabis plants grow. They form an underground network of hyphae that latch onto the plant roots, penetrate them, and effectively extend them in an underground web. This web, known as a mycelium, serves as a transport base for all the other microbes in and around the root zone. Thus, the plant receives not only the nutrients it needs, but also support from other helpful microbes in its vicinity. We call this the ‘Mycorrhizal BioPlatform’ – a biological infrastructure that benefits plants.

Dan GrotskyCredit: Sapir Vidal

Launched in 2019, DYNOMYCO is sold in a wide range of markets worldwide: throughout the U.S. and Canada, across Europe and the U.K., in Chile, in Israel, and even on Amazon. Applying DYNOMYCO is simple: The grower purchases the granular product (which is available in a variety of sizes, including an innovative dynamite stick-shaped package), takes a teaspoon of it and applies it underneath the cannabis seedling. The rest of the cultivation process is no different, other than the early-stage “booster” that will now influence it throughout the entire growth cycle and result in a strong, healthy cannabis plant. “One can also apply the product in a drench – by taking the seedling and dipping it in DYNOMYCO-infused water,” notes Grotsky. “Plants have been growing with mycorrhizae for 400 million years. They thrive when they are in their optimal environment. DYNOMYCO transforms a sub-par environment into a beneficial one by leveraging the natural support that endomycorrhizal fungi provide.”

Are there concrete data on the degree to which DYNOMYCO helps plants?
“DYNOMYCO has been tested in multiple cannabis farms in Israel and abroad. Following its application, yields increased from 10% to 45%, compared to control plants that were not inoculated with DYNOMYCO. In addition, results showed an increase in weight, oil output and levels of THC and CBD. Trials prove that DYNOMYCO provides increased resistance to stress and even helps permanently sequester carbon in soil – which is beneficial for both the plant and the environment.”

As further proof of DYNOMYCO’s efficacy, Grotsky mentions feedback received from current customers. “Once we started using DYNOMYCO, we never looked back,” said the Master Grower of Quadessence in Canada, adding “We are experiencing healthier, stronger roots from this amazing product which has increased our overall yield and quality of our product. We highly recommend DYNOMYCO to all growers who want to perform at the highest level of cannabis cultivation!” Yon Saul, Head of Cultivation at TelCann, says “Thanks to DYNOMYCO, our plants have been growing stronger, developed healthier roots, and increased in productivity and quality. We were very pleasantly surprised by the results we experienced and are still experiencing from the product. We had experience with other products and there is no comparison – the results from DYNOMYCO are significantly better.” Roi Refaeli, Tissue Culture & Breeding Lab Manager at Pharmocann, agrees: “We saw impressive results even during a short growth cycle. Right from the start, the product showed good results and worked in synergy with the various cannabis varieties growing at our facility. During the veg phase we saw an improvement in the rate and quality of growth and plant health, resulting in higher quality buds. In addition, the acclimatization after tissue culture was easier and faster and the results were excellent. Definitely highly recommended.”

Scientific Superiority Compared to Competing Products

Groundwork BioAg was one of the original pioneers that cracked the code for mass production of endomycorrhizal fungi. The company, founded in 2014 by Dr. Yossi Kofman (CEO), Danny Levy (CTO), and Grotsky himself (CGO), focuses on agriculture and produces and sells a variety of mycorrhizal inoculants worldwide. When the value of mycorrhizal fungi for cannabis became apparent, the company understood that the market share potential justified the establishment of a separate division focused on that sub-sector. They hired Ari Singer as Director of DYNOMYCO Sales.

“Our focus on the development of endomycorrhizal inoculants specifically for cannabis affords us the competitive advantage of scientific superiority. We know how to produce propagules in the most efficient and cost-effective manner and achieve very high cannabinoid concentrations, significantly higher than those of our competitors. This is truly a ‘blue and white’ success story, and we derive satisfaction not only from the success of our product but also from our ability to sell it at an affordable price. As we look to the future, we envision combination products including additional beneficial microbes with synergistic effects. We will also be opening additional sales channels to penetrate untapped markets.”


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