Lavido, the leading Israeli brand of natural, organic skincare products, recently started exporting to the United States. Many Americans, including celebrities and opinion leaders, are already loyal customers

Rachel Kaplan
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The botanical garden at Lavido’s flagship store in Nahalal
Rachel Kaplan
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It all started 15 years ago when Ido Magal’s newborn nephew had a bad diaper rash and nothing seemed to help. “As an herbalist and plant chemistry expert, I always wanted to help people feel good through aromatherapy,” Magal reveals. Since he had studied plant medicine and developed products using natural, local ingredients, he decided to prepare a special cream for his nephew. His concoction worked like magic, and its virtues spread quickly by word of mouth among new mothers. Before he knew it, his phone didn’t stop ringing with requests for his diaper cream!

What began as a family business has now progressed into an internationally recognized natural and organic skincare company.

Proven effectiveness

Lavido is committed to cutting-edge technologies, provided they meet strict natural guidelines with extraction methods used to ensure a highly effective product. Lavido’s skincare products are not only natural and made with certified organic ingredients, they are all dermatologically tested and clinically proven to ensure that they are not just better for your skin, but that they are effective as well. “I always put a great deal of emphasis on the quality of the plant extractions. Our ingredients are always organic, non-GMO, formulated with cold-pressed, diffused and infused organic essential oils,” Magal notes.

But this was not enough for Magal. His target was to prove that natural ingredients work effectively on the skin, and so he took the brand one step further when he sent his skincare products to professional clinical labs in Germany and received a formal proof for its claims. “I want to give people immediate effective results, using only natural ingredients, and we’re proud to show that this is finally possible,” he says, adding that, “It’s an expensive process to carry out clinical tests, but we have proven that 95% of people who use our products show an improvement. This is because we use very exact active ingredients, full of vitamins and minerals.”

In Israel, Lavido products are sold in over 450 pharmacies and health stores. The brand also has four flagship stores – in Nahalal, Zichron Yaakov, Karkur and Herzliya. The Lavido factory shop and visitors’ center in the agricultural moshav Nahalal is surrounded by an enchanting five-dunam botanical garden, where plants are grown using ecological methods. “The plants are used for education. We want to teach others about the world of plants and aromatherapy,” explains Magal. “We offer lectures on natural cosmetics and a healthy lifestyle, demonstrations of how to manufacture natural care products and essential oils, and a variety of workshops.”

From local to global

Since 2015, Magal decided to grow the company by expanding into the international market. “We had to adapt the products, test them, find the right market,” he explains. Lavido opened a U.S. office in 2015 and today its products are already being sold at independent stores, perfumeries, apothecary stores, Euro-style pharmacies, boutique stores and small-to-medium chains across the United States.

Magal points out that he is proud of the fact that Lavido products are made in Israel and makes a point of emphasizing this fact on the U.S. packaging. “Our products’ labels include Hebrew and their country of origin is marked clearly. I believe that being true to ourselves is what will bring us a blessing,” he affirms.

Just like the original diaper cream all those years ago, Magal’s products still continue to generate a great deal of enthusiasm and have already accumulated a growing base of devotees in America. selected Lavido’s eye cream as “one of the top five cosmetic products on planet Earth,” and Gwyneth Paltrow’s well-known website carries Lavido products, even naming Lavido’s Replenishing Facial Serum on its list of ‘10 Best Clean Face Oils.’

Its founder continues to insist on producing the same high-quality products as when he was personally manufacturing them in his kitchen. By sourcing only the highest quality natural and organic herb, fruit, vegetable and nut oils, and utilizing top-notch traditional and cutting-edge technologies, the sky is the limit for Lavido.

The Daroma-Tzafona Fund

At the beginning of Lavido’s international breakthrough, Ido Magal decided to approach the Daroma-Tzafona Fund, which supports small businesses in Israel’s geographic periphery. “They liked the product and believed in the brand,” Magal says of his initial meeting with the Daroma-Tzafona team. The Fund decided to support Lavido, and their help extended far beyond Magal’s wildest dreams.

The Daroma-Tzafona Fund currently supports over 500 SMEs in Israel’s outlying regions, providing them with a variety of unique business tools. Created as a non-profit company, Daroma-Tzafona is a unique partnership of Israeli industrialists and philanthropists, led by Eitan Wertheimer, the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Jewish Federations of North America. Its mission is to transform the landscape of economic opportunity and bring sustainable socioeconomic change to the Negev and Galilee, a vital component for strengthening Israel’s economy.

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