Zaken's PC: PM Often Took Funds From Talansky

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's former bureau chief, Shula Zaken, logged details of money transfers from American businessman Morris Talansky to Olmert when he was industry and trade minister, Haaretz has learned.

Olmert is under investigation for allegedly taking money from Talansky.

Police found these entries in Zaken's computer in October 2004: "355,600, 15.2.04 - Ehud took $5,600; on 22.4 he took $5,000."

Zaken detailed the sums she received from Talansky and attorney Uri Messer and what it was used for. The entries show that Olmert was a direct and regular recipient of the money that Talansky had given her. The money was kept in Messer's safes.

"On 7.3 I gave Uri another $9,000," Zaken wrote. "Talansky 21.7 $50,000. Uri gave me $25,000 on 20.4.04."

In February 2004 she wrote: "Uri ... on 27.5 there was $329,555 we added $60,000 on 24.8. Take 21,000 to Zeev."

She also wrote: "100,000 Hirchson conference. Uri converted 23,450. Talansky brought 72,500. I gave 7,500 to Ehud and the rest to Messer." Hirchson refers to former finance minister Abraham Hirchson.

Talansky said in court this week that over a 15-year period he transferred $150,000 to Olmert.

Zaken's entries show that Messer sometimes converted the dollars into shekels at the request of Zaken or Olmert.