Youths Hurl Rocks at Magen David Paramedics in Acre, Haifa

Violence triggered in response to ambulances operating on streets during Yom Kippur, despite driving ban.

Youths hurled rocks at Magen David Adom stations and ambulances in Acre and Haifa over Yom Kippur to protest their operating vehicles on the holiday.

In Acre, youths hurled stones at the local MDA station, damaging windows. Last night, riots around the station continued, leading MDA director general Eli Been to instruct staff in the city to perform their work in helmets and bulletproof vests.

Been urged rioters to allow paramedics to complete their work unimpeded so they could save lives.

He also pleaded with police to deal with the protesters: "These events are unacceptable, and I call on law enforcement authorities to handle rioters with an iron fist."

On Tuesday night, a 76-year-old Haifa man suffering from a serious illness became the target of stone-throwers while being transported to the city's Rambam Medical Center for treatment.

As Reuven Sadnai approached the hospital, "a barrage of stones was hurled at us. Some 50 yeshiva students standing on the bridge above the road pelted us with stones," he said.

"It was Kristallnacht in Haifa, and I want you to quote me. This was planned, and not just an act of mischief," Sadnai said.

MDA staff handled 1,786 cases of illness, injuries and childbirth over the Yom Kippur holiday. Sources at the organization say it treated dozens of people who fainted during the holiday fast, and dozens of children injured in cycling accidents.

Some 120 pregnant women who went into labor were also transported for medical care, and a Ramat Hasharon woman gave birth at home with the assistance of MDA staff.