You Can Go Crazy

I had to rub my ears to believe it - the acting premier, Ehud Olmert, was saying all the right things to the defense chiefs. Now we must wait to see if Olmert not only says but does. We've already had an excess of sayers.

If I haven't gone mad by now, perhaps it is too late already. But one can certainly go crazy, when those who walk in the dark suddenly see the darkness - the terrible danger lying in wait for Israel from its enemies, the settlers. How many times did we explain to them, to those hollow "heads" of the defense establishment, the gravity of the danger, and told them that if there were no law for the settlers in the territories, there would be no law for the law-breakers in Israel. How many pens did we break in articles we've written until we almost broke down ourselves, and how many speeches have we made until we went hoarse?

And lo, the evaders and the shirkers and the negligent are starting to receive and transmit SOS messages. Their antennas at last are tuned to the pirate stations of Hebron, Amona and dozens of illegal settlements and outposts. But even those built allegedly "legally" were erected on the laws of Sodom - the laws of theft and usurpation.

For the present, for a change, and just for a start, we'll make do with those outposts whose names and blames are written in black and black in the Talia Sasson Report.

The army and police are being blamed for shutting their eyes. This is a false accusation. They did not shut their eyes - they winked. The IDF was the senior collaborator of the settlers in general and of Hebron's settlers in particular. I confronted the heads of the IDF's Civil Administration with their shame several times, and they were terribly insulted. How could anyone call the IDF a collaborator?

Senior officers in the IDF, Shin Bet and police did not stop winking, and now it appears that from too many winks and blinks they sprained their eye. They gyrated and pranced there, the senior officers, jumping to attention after any cackle of a Jewish rooster and hen, because that was the "commander's spirit." Is the wind really changing direction now, or is it only hot air? Is the wind blowing from Jerusalem an evening breeze, an eve-of-election breeze, or is it a new spirit that will clear the poisonous air? The answer is blowing in the wind.

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz is now demanding more means to enforce the law. Until yesterday, the law breakers from the West Bank were the "salt of the earth." Suddenly the salt is being rubbed into the wounds of Mofaz and Dan Halutz. Good morning, both of you. You don't need more means, you have plenty of means and ways. What you need is a resolved will. Until today you played with fire, refused to put it out in time, and now it threatens to burn all of us.

And Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, who until now did not lift a finger, is now pointing a warning finger. Mazuz is also needy, give him more and more enforcers. He thought naively that organized crime is rampaging only within the Green Line, and failed to notice the exemplary organization of the widespread crime on the other side of the line.

It's hard to recognize them now, all the shiftless and lazy who are suddenly pretending to be hard working and energetic. Are they wearing masks on their faces too?