Amid Heat Wave

130 Israelis Fainted During Yom Kippur Fast, Thousands Treated

Medical authorities treated 2,566 people this year, a 9 percent rise from last year.

The heat wave that hit Israel over the Yom Kippur holiday resulted in 2,566 people requiring medical attention, of them 1,973 were hospitalized. This is a 9 percent rise from last year, when there were 2,334 casualties, and a general upward trend from 2010, when there were just over 2,000 casualties.

One hundred and thirty people fainted as a result of fasting, 16 of which required resuscitation. Sixty-three worshippers who attended synagogue required medical treatment, and some of them were taken to hospital. Magen David Adom staff transported 145 women in labor to hospital, 6 of them were forced to give birth at home with help from paramedics.

In addition, 207 children were injured while riding their bikes during the fast. A nine-year old girl was injured in her head while riding her bike in Haifa and was hospitalized with moderate to severe injuries. Nineteen people were lightly injured in road accidents throughout Israel, and Magen David Adom medics responded to 24 incidents of violence, of which 4 ended with moderate injuries.