Opposition Leader Yacimovich Admits to Smoking Drugs in Her Youth

Labor Party chairwoman says she is at peace with her past unlike Finance Minister Yair Lapid.

Labor Party chairwoman, MK Shelly Yacimovich told the Knesset television channel Wednesday that she had smoked drugs a few times in her younger days, and attacked Finance Minister Yair Lapid for denying that he had ever done so despite evidence to the contrary.

Yacimovich said the last time she smoked was 16 years ago and that she was at peace with her past, “unlike Yair Lapid who is always finding details about his past that he forgot, for example that he emigrated from Israel” – a reference to Lapid’s disparaging remarks in a recent Facebook post about young Israelis who choose to live in Berlin.

Yacimovich said she is opposed to the legalization of recreational drugs but that she supports “loosening the reins” with regard to medical cannabis.

Since entering politics, and before doing so, Lapid has espoused a hard line against recreational drug use and the legalization of marijuana. In a newspaper column in the Yedioth Ahronoth supplement “Seven Days,” during the election campaign he railed against what he called the hypocrisy of Israelis who support the rule of law but smoke marijuana at home in the evening.

When asked on his Facebook page whether he had ever smoked marijuana he refused to answer and subsequently blocked the questioner from his page. When Yedioth’s Saturday supplement pose the same question to all the party leaders the weekend before the election, Lapid responded that he had never used drugs, a claim he also made in an interview on the website Walla.

However, journalist Uri Misgav revealed in his blog on the Haaretz Hebrew website, testimony from friends of Lapid who said they had smoked with him, and after his denial in the “Seven Days” interview, Sofia Trotoush-Argaman posted on her Facebook page that she had smoked with him at his home on Hayarkon Street.

Daniel Bar-On