Ya'alon's Health Care Plan / The Bogie Man's Virulent Virus

Does Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon also suffer from the attention-deficit disorder rampaging through the land? Or does he suffer from a serious thought-deficit disorder, which makes it difficult for him to understand what his own mouth is saying? One way or another, the leash has been loosened and Israeli public discourse is plunging to the lowest level. From now on nobody will have any doubt "who started."

"Viruses," he called Peace Now people. They are not the only ones - all the elites are contaminated with viruses, which cause contagious diseases and even black plagues. Only Bogie is healthy. Perhaps Feiglin is as well. Is he living on meds in very high doses, this strange man? Or does he need them urgently? Can Ritalin help?

All the vaccination doses Netanyahu has ordered recently won't suffice to inoculate half a state, the half-nation that has been attacked, from this swinishness. How much inferiority feelings, irresponsibility and opportunism does it take to drive a man to spew such an ugly, disgusting emission?

"Viruses," he said. Because who wants a state of elites who serve? Let us have riffraff.

This is the man who serves as vice premier and the minister in charge of Israel's strategic affairs, no less.

We have been told recently that the "sextet forum," of which Ya'alon is a senior member, is a serious group that embodies endless depths of good judgment and balance. Spare us these fairy tales. They're a bunch of people who seem to be suffering from sunstroke, unless they're moonstruck. Even the bad old Netanyahu, with his "the left have forgotten what it is to be Jewish," seems pretty normal next to them.

"I'm not afraid of the Americans," Bogie said there, in the closed meeting with Jewish Leadership activists who crowned him their leader. As a half-brained leader he is not afraid of Obama. But we are very much afraid of Bogie. This fear, which we haven't been able to shake off since we browsed through his autobiography, yesterday soared, leaving us scared to death.

But most terrifying of all is the thought that until not long ago he was the chief of staff, our army's supreme commander. Now we know in whose hands Israel's security is entrusted. Already then he sowed an ill wind and it was we who reaped the storm immediately on his retirement, in the Second Lebanon War.

Folks, the state is in danger. For behold your leaders, Israel. A spirit of insanity is hovering over the tortured earth, and a fundamental darkness over the abyss. We have been screwed big time with these villains, who have completely lost it. And it is not clear to us what is more threatening - the injustice or the folly.