Clinton's Campaign Looking for Trump-stand-in to Prep Her for Monica Lewinsky Attacks

Democrats grapple with the awkward issue of finding the right person in their midst to prepare Hillary Clinton to deftly handle the most vexing questions in a September 26 debate against Donald Trump.

The affair that dogged Bill Clinton's final years in office: Will it also dog Hillary Clinton's pre-election debates with rival Donald Trump?

Democrats are now grappling with how to prep Clinton for the most vexing of debate issues against Donald Trump, even Monica Lewinsky.

Lewinsky's affair with Clinton's husband when he was president is seen as one of the more sensitive issues that could come up in the debate, reports Politico.

Congress tried but failed to impeach Bill Clinton for allegedly lying about the affair with a former White House intern. Though scoring points for sticking by her husband, many detractors have criticized Hillary Clinton through the years for the incident, too.

Who among Democrats would want the awkward, if not thankless task of attacking their own boss's main Achilles heel just to make sure she nails it on the air and wins in November?

"One of the key components of that prep, campaign allies said, is finding a person who can stand in as Donald Trump during mock debates and launch personal attacks on the former secretary of state that will make the real Trump look tame by comparison," Politico's Annie Karni writes.

Democratic strategist Bob Shrum tells her the right choice "needs to be someone who is naturally smart, glib and utterly irreverent.  You can’t learn to be utterly irreverent.”

"You can't put it beyond Trump that Monica Lewinsky will play a role in this debate,” said Greg Craig, President Obama’s former White House counsel, who helped prep him for debates against George W. Bush.