WikiLeaks Exposé: Karzai 'Paranoid' and Ahmadinejad 'Like Hitler'

The documents revealed Sunday also show U.S. views Saudi Arabia as the 'worst in the region' for fighting terrorism.

Classified American communiqués revealed Sunday by the WikiLeaks website reportedly brand Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as being like Hitler and refer to Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai as "driven by paranoia."

The New York Times reported Sunday that the WikiLeaks documents showed Saudi donors to be the main financiers of terror groups, including Al-Qaida, and the U.S. State Department allegedly called Saudi Arabia "worst in the region" for their record of fighting terrorism.

The documents also revealed a nuclear standoff between the Pakistan and the U.S., claim both the New York Times and the Guardian. The U.S. has reportedly been trying for the past three years to remove highly enriched uranium from a Pakistani research reactor amidst a fear that it would be used in a weapon. According to the documents, they have yet to succeed in their efforts.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was reportedly extremely upset over not being allowed to set up his tent in Manhattan for the United Nations session in 2009. According to the Wikileaks documents, he was reportedly so distraught that he turned his back on a promise to return enriched uranium to Russia.

Meanwhile, the Turkish newspaper Hurriynet quoted Turkish Foreign Ministry officials on Friday as denying allegations that Turkey supported Al-Qaida cells in Iraq.

The denial came in the wake of an Al-Hayat report that claimed that information held by WikiLeaks hints at a link between Ankara and the international terror organization.

"Turkey has never given support to any terrorist organization. Fighting against terror is our priority and we don’t make differentiations between terrorist organizations. Turkey has launched many operations against al-Qaida,” an official told Turkish newspaper Hurriyet.

Asked about other allegations that the U.S. helped the outlawed Kurdish separatist PKK, the same official said, “Turkey and the U.S. are carrying out an efficient cooperation in the fight against the PKK.”

Hurriyet also quoted Deborah Guido, spokeswoman for the U.S. embassy in Ankara, as saying that U.S. government’s policy “has never been nor will ever be in support of the PKK. Anything that implies otherwise is nonsense."