WATCH: Trump Supporter Yells at Reporter: 'Go to F***ing Auschwitz'

An unidentified man directs the statement at a Dutch reporter after a gathering in support of the Republican presidential candidate in Kansas City.

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A supporter of Donald Trump yelled "go to Auschwitz, go to f***ing Auschwitz" to a reporter after a rally in support of the Republican front-runner.

The unidentified man directed the statement at a Dutch reporter as he and others filed out of a rally in Kansas City.

Over the weekend, opponents and supporters of Trump clashed ahead of a rally in Chicago, forcing him to cancel it before it even began. As supporters walked out of the building, protesters shouted at them, "racists go home."

Earlier this month, the presidential candidate was accused of alluding to Nazi symbolism when he asked the crowd at an Orlando, Florida campaign rally to raise their hand and vow to vote for him in the state's upcoming primary.