WATCH: The Simpsons Laugh at Trump's Expense, Again

The animated series foretold in 2000 of a Trump presidency that would bankrupt America. This time around he is obsessed with Twitter, and himself.

Chen Hadad
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Chen Hadad

The Simpsons have joined the long list of celebrities that have expressed their support for Hillary Clinton in the race for President of the United States.

In a video posted on YouTube over the weekend, the creators of the long-running animated comedy series made a parody of Hillary Clinton's 2008 ad, which tried to present Barack Obama as unprepared for the presidency. The video shows children snuggled inside their blankets. A voice over states: "It's 3 A.M. and the phone's ringing in the White House. Who do you want to answer that call?"

The video then pokes fun at Hillary, who is slightly delayed – and annoyed – by Bill answering the phone. However, it does not miss an opportunity to laugh at Donald Trump as someone who obsessively is on Twitter, reads the great speeches of Adolf Hitler and spends hours making himself look presentable – using a fake tan spray, a dog for his hair and gloves for his hands.

The Simpsons foretold of a Trump presidency in a 2000 episode called "Bart to the Future," in which Lisa assumes office after Trump has run the American economy into the ground, leaving the country broke.