WATCH: Rachel Maddow Takes Down Ted Cruz on anti-Semitic Endorsers

From Ted Nugent blaming Jews for trying to take away guns to Pastor Mike Bickle's Jew hunter comments, prominent endorsers of Ted Cruz's presidential campaign are landing the candidate in hot water.


Short transcript:

Rachel Maddow: “If you’re Senator Cruz and you put this up on your website proudly embracing an endorsement from Ted Nugent — showing off, campaigning even tonight on the fact that you are the choice for president of Ted Nugent — then you do kind of own this."

"Just like you own the guy who said that God sent Hitler to kill all the Jews, because you campaigned on his endorsement, too. Just like you own it when the guy saying every gay person in America should be executed, because you attended his event. You shared a stage with him. You did not have to do that. Honestly, this year, Ted Cruz is shooting the moon on this stuff. I don’t know how long it’s gonna be before the Beltway notices this pattern and realizes it might be a real issue for him.”