WATCH: John Oliver Breaks Down the Insanity That Is the U.S. Primary System

'There is no clearer piece of evidence that our system is broken, no more thoroughly dead canary in the coal mine, than when Donald Trump is actually making sense.'


Short transcript:

“They had a caucus back in February which Hillary Clinton won, but that caucus only determined 23 out of their 35 regular delegates. As for the remaining 12, those were decided by delegates at the state convention, who were chosen by the delegates at county conventions in April, who were chosen in those February caucuses, which—remember—Hillary won. Now, unfortunately for her, at those county conventions more Bernie supporters showed up, so they had an advantage going into the state conventions, although by that time Hillary supporters had realized what was happening and managed to mobilize their turnout, putting numbers in that room basically even—at which point, both sides began fighting to disqualify one another’s delegates over technicalities such as failing to register as Democrats by May the 1st, a deadline set after it had already passed at the convention by the credential’s committee.”

“Now for the record. Politifact looked into the charges of rigging in Nevada and found ‘no clear evidence the state party hijacked the process,’ and you can disagree with that, as I’m sure Bernie supporters will in the comments’ section below this video—alongside hurtful remarks about my personal appearance like, ‘Oh look, it’s British Millhouse’ But the larger point Politifact made regarding Nevada, that I think everyone can agree with, is that ‘the arcane party structures don’t reflect how most people assume presidential selection works,’ and that in itself is a huge problem. Any competition should have clear rules. You don’t get to the end of a football game and say, ‘OK, who found the most eggs?’”