WATCH: 'Hillary Clinton Will Be Indicted,' Says Frank Luntz, Following Bill Meeting Loretta Lynch

'I have to take back everything I've said on 'FOX & Friends.' I actually do believe now that if this is true that she will be indicted,' says the pollster.

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Short transcript:

FRANK LUNTZ: Bill Clinton has to have known the impact that it would have if he got on that plane.

I don't understand why he would do it except that once again it's like sabotage. That there's something about him, that even though he says he works so hard for his wife that on those key moments he seems to do her so much damage.

And the FBI is absolutely accountable and responsible. And if Loretta Lynch really holds true to what she just said I have to take back everything I've said on FOX & Friends. I actually do believe now that if this is true that she will be indicted. 

FOX & FRIENDS: How do we know that Hillary Clinton didn't send her husband on the plane at the stop there on the tarmac because he was late, she was waiting on him. How do we know that this wasn't her idea?

LUNTZ: Because she knows better. She is too smart for this. She's too smart, she's too political. She understand what conflict of interest looks like. 

Look, when you've got David Axelrod, [President Obama's former] chief political advisor, saying how dumb this is, she knows better. She wouldn't have done that. 

TUCKER CARLSON: This is like the fifth time that Bill Clinton has sabotaged his wife's political career. I'm not a shrink, I'm not going to pretend to be one on television, but there is something going on here beneath the surface. I mean there is no possibility that this is all accidental. I mean, come on.

LUNTZ: Well, I've studied this. This is part of my profession, this is what my Ph.D is actually is in. And one has to wonder what is actually going on in Bill Clinton's mind right now and what's going on in Hillary Clinton's household right now.