WATCH: Fox News Analyst on European Sex Assaults, 'These Are Not Refugees, They Are Invaders'

'These young, uneducated Muslim males of military age are not refugees. They are invaders, culturally,' says Ralph Peters on 'The O'Reilly Factor.'

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Fox News Transcript:

RALPH PETERS: It appears to me that all these New Year's Eve events must have been coordinated in some Arabic language chat room website. You had not just in Germany, but Finland -- an utter shock to the Finns, you had it in Saltzberg, Austria, the "Sound of Music" country, where apparently the hills are alive with the sound of sexual assault. 

It happened in Hamburg, Germany, in Cologne, where a number of assaults, now over 170 alleged assaults. But the worst now emerged and they tried to cover this up too, in a small city down in the Swiss border in Germany, two adolescent girls, 14 and 16, German girls, were raped by four Syrians. In other words asylum seekers on New Year's Eve. Beyond that --

O'REILLY: Have they been charged with those crimes, Colonel?

PETER: They will be. There's evidence.

O'REILLY: So four Syrian refugees in a small German town on the Swiss border will be, according to you, charged with raping underage girls?

PETERS: It appears that way. I have not yet read --

O'REILLY: Okay. We want to be careful here, you know.

PETERS: Of course we do. But the evidence sounds overwhelming. I do not know the formal charges have been lodged. But beyond that the government's house of cards is collapsing. They've also been playing down rapes, refugee on refugee rapes or asylum seeker on asylum seeker rapes on the hostiles and in the camps.

O'REILLY: How do we know that, Colonel?

PETERS: Well, we know because the reports are coming out more and more. 

And I follow the German media every day, virtually every day, and the reports keep coming out and coming out. And the government kind of tries to play them down. It's not that the government is trying a total cover-up, but they're trying to say it's okay. We can handle this. It's not that big a problem. 

But it is. 

Like the average American when it comes to our claims of islamic terrorism has nothing to do with islam, in Germany when they try to say these assaults have nothing to do with asylum seekers, it just doesn't play. 

And by the way, this is not about islamist terrorism. You're right on that. You're right to ask that question. What it is about is a true clash of civilization. And we must distinguish, and the Germans and Europeans must, between legitimate refugees and people who are hustlers. These young, uneducated muslim males of military age are not refugees. They are invaders, culturally.