WATCH: Bill Maher's '25 Things You Don't Know About Bernie Sanders'

'I’m known for having what my wife calls ‘Resting Kvetch Face.'

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Credit: HBO

Host of HBO's 'Real Time,' Bill Maher, aired the latest installment in his “25 things you didn't know" series last Friday night - taking on Bernie Sanders. The previous week Maher ripped into Republican Ted Cruz, but this week was far kinder to Senator Sanders, who he has endorsed in the Democratic primary.  

This week, @BillMaher shares some fun facts about #BernieSanders from an upcoming issue (wink, wink) of @usweekly...

Maher listed the "25 things" about Sanders while doing an impersonation of his Brooklyn accent, “I’m known for having what my wife calls ‘Resting Kvetch Face." The comedian also took some shots at Sander's age, "I cried when the Brooklyn Dodgers left Brooklyn — which was embarrassing since I was 68,” and “Smacking me on the back releases a dust cloud.”