WATCH: Bernie Sanders Takes on Heckler Who Accuses Jews of 'Running' Wall Street

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders responds to heckler at the historic Apollo theater in New York's Harlem, 'I am proud to be Jewish.'


U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was heckled on Saturday at a campaign stop at New York's Apollo theater in Harlem by a man who accused Jews of running Wall Street.

Harlem native John Prince demanded Sanders explain his connection to his Jewish community, adding that Jews run 'everything' and are 'buying Harlem.'

The man, who was wearing a Black Lives Matter pin, was booed by the audience as Sanders called him 'brother' and said that he was proud of being Jewish and that he was a supporter of Israel, but that the Palestinians also deserved consideration.

Sanders, who would be the first Jewish U.S. president if elected, extended a string of victories on Saturday by winning the Democratic nominating contest in Wyoming, besting rival Hillary Clinton as they gear up for a crucial match-up in New York.