WATCH: Bernie Sanders Plays Brooklyn Dodgers-obsessed Rabbi in 1999 Romantic Comedy

In a 1999 movie comedy, the Vermont senator donned a kippa and delivered a sermon which may hold more true today, after his close second-place finish to Hillary Clinton in Iowa, than ever before.

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Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders is no stranger to the screen, having made countless appearances on television over the course of his political career and even putting in cameo appearances playing himself on the silver screen. But there is one performance the Vermont senator would probably rather forget - and wishes potential voters could forget as well. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, a clip of Sanders’ performance in a very low-budget, low-brow comedy shot in Vermont in 1999  called "My X-Girlfriend's Wedding Reception" has been whizzing across social media.

In the otherwise forgettable film, the very secular Jewish politician played, of all things, a rabbi. Sporting a black kippa atop his white hair, Sanders, playing Rabbi Manny Shevitz, delivers a long monologue speaking at the wedding with an endless digression bemoaning the fact the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1958, convincingly delivered in Sanders’ signature Brooklyn accent to the newlywed couple.

At the end of the speech, he offers the newlyweds message that, interestingly, could apply as easily to battling Hillary Clinton in presidential primaries as it does to marriage. “All in all,” he concludes, ”It’s not so bad. When it’s good, it’s good. If it doesn’t feel right, just say no. There’s always tomorrow. It could be worse.”