U.S. Embassy Mocks Russian Newspaper Over Fake 'Gay Conspiracy' Letter

After pro-Kremlin paper claims U.S. trying to present Russian officials as gay, diplomats respond with red pen, using typos to disprove claim.

A copy of a letter published by Russian daily 'proving' U.S. conspiring to brand some Russian officials as gays, marked by U.S. embassy with a red pen to disprovie claim, correct mistakes
Twitter / Screengrab

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has mocked a Russian daily that has accused Washington of conspiring to brand some Russian officials as gays, by correcting mistakes in a fake letter the newspaper mentioned as proof.

The Kremlin-friendly Izvestia paper has referred to a letter purportedly written by a senior U.S. diplomat to a Russian gay rights activist, Nikolai Alexeyev.

The paper said the letter posted by hackers reflected a U.S. attempt to use gay activists to describe top Russian officials as gays. The U.S. has accused Russia of infringing on gays' rights.

The embassy responded on Twitter, correcting a couple of dozen grammatical and punctuation mistakes, and adding: "Dear Izvestia, next time you will publish fake letters, please send them to us. We will be glad to help correct mistakes."