U.S. and Arab States Move to Evacuate Their Nationals From Egypt

Israel on Saturday airlifted dozens of its own citizens from its turbulent southern neighbor.

The United States and several Arab states said Sunday that they were planning to evacuate their citizens from Egypt in the coming days, almost a week into a violent uprising against the rule of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Ankara was sending two Turkish Airlines planes to Egypt on Sunday to evacuate
Turkish citizens, state-run Anatolian news agency quoted embassy officials in Cairo as saying.

Egyptian soldiers Cairo 300111 AP

They said that if necessary the evacuations would take several days.

The United Arab Emirates will gather its citizens and fly them out of Egypt, media in the country cited the ambassador to Cairo as saying.

This followed earlier reports that Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar,Kuwait, Saudi Arabia were flying in planes to evacuate their nationals.

The United States said in a statement Sunday it was offering evacuation flights to Europe for U.S. citizens who wish to leave Egypt.

"The U.S. Embassy in Cairo informs U.S. citizens in Egypt who wish to depart that the Department of State is making arrangements to provide transportation to safe haven locations in Europe," the statement said.

"Flights to evacuation points will begin departing Egypt on Monday, January 31," it said, describing the evacuation as voluntary.

In Oman, 400 students returned home from the troubled Egyptian capital.