Turkish President Tweets: End Turkey's YouTube, Google Ban

Gul posts on his twitter that Turkey's court should find ways to legalize the use of the two popular Websites limited in 2008.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul posted several tweets on his twitter account criticizing Turkey's decision to block the popular video site YouTube and limit the use of more than 30 Google services, British daily The Guardian reported on Sunday.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul

In several tweets, Gul wrote that he did not endorse the court ruling from 2008 which limited the use of the popular websites, and demanded that the court find legal ways to enable access to the sites.

The two websites were banned from use by Turkish court in 2008 after Greek surfers uploaded video clips to the web claiming that modern day Turkey's founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a homosexual.

Last week several more Google applications failed to load, including Google Translate, Google Docs, Google Books and Google Analytics and more.

Google, however, said that they had received reports about slow and limited access to the company's services in Turkey, and the cause could be the extended block of YouTube which was enforced several years ago.

According to the Guardian, Turkish law can block websites under article 5651 of the Turkish penal code for a range of offenses including insulting leaders, child pornography and encouraging suicide.