Trump Says Will Accept Election Results - 'If I Win'

Doubling down on his refusal during the final debate to accept the election results, Donald Trump says he reserves the right to file a legal challenge 'in the case of a questionable result.'

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pauses while speaking at a campaign rally at the Delaware County Fair, Ohio, October 20, 2016.
Evan Vucci, AP

Donald Trump said on Thursday he would accept the results of the U.S. presidential election if he wins, doubling down on his blatant refusal during the final presidential debate to commit himself to accepting the results of the election come November 8.

"I would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the United States that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election," he said at a rally in Ohio, pausing before adding, "If I win."

The Republican presidential nominee added that he reserved the right to file a legal challenge "in the case of a questionable result."

In the debate on Wednesday, Trump said he would wait to decide whether the outcome was legitimate. "I will tell you at the time, I will keep you in suspense," Trump said. 

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, said she was "appalled" by Trump's stance. 

"Let's be clear about what he is saying and what that means: He is denigrating, he is talking down our democracy and I for one am appalled that someone who is the nominee for one of our two major parties would take that position," she said.

The candidates sparred over many issues during their final debate overnight Wednesday, from abortion and taxes, to immigration and the national debt. The event was the last time the two debated each other before American's turn in their ballots in one of the most unusual and contentious election seasons in living memory.