Trump Quickly Replaces Tweet That Prompted Cries of anti-Semitism Online

'Trump's new anti-Hilary ad is a pile of money overlaid with her face & a star of david,' wrote Max Fisher of the original image. 'Wonder what the message is?'

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The Trump campaign quickly replaced one of the presumptive candidate's tweets on Saturday, following an avalanche of criticism that it was anti-Semitic and bigoted.

The original image tweeted by Donald Trump was a montage of Hilary Clinton with a Star of David inscribed with "The Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!" and a pile of money in the background. 

Before and after: Screengrab of Trump's tweets of an image of Hillary Clinton with the words 'Most Corrupt Candidate Ever,' first (R) on a Star of David-like form, then (L) on a circle. July 2016Credit: Twitter

Predictably, Trump's latest tweet had the Twitter universe in an uproar. "WTF does Trump's Star of David tweet mean?" asked Peter Wade on the Esquire website, describing it as "perhaps the most confusing and offensive graphic of the 2016 campaign."

"It is offensive on so many levels," Wade continued. "It evokes negative Jewish stereotypes and misappropriates a religious symbol."

"This wasn’t a tweet that the candidate retweeted from someone else, unlike much of the racist material that the candidate has endorsed on his Twitter account," wrote Jason Easley on the Politics USA website.

"The Trump campaign designed a graphic highlighting Hillary Clinton’s fundraising that placed a Star of David beside her. It is evident that the Trump campaign was implying that Clinton is raising her money from Jews.

"Trump is flat out appealing to bigots and racists. His campaign is not trying to hide whose support they are courting. Trump is going for the bigot vote. The bigots are his base."

Barely two hours after the image was first tweeted, the Trump campaign replaced it with one in which the Star of David had become a circle. It made no reference to the initial image or the uproar it had caused. 

But the damage had already been done. Criticism of the original tweet was voiced across the political spectrum, from political columnist Ana Marie Cox ("Symbolism here is pretty unsubtle") and Clinton campaign staffer Josh Schwerin to Ron Nehring, a former spokesman for Ted Cruz' presidential campaign.

GOP strategist Patrick Ruffini called it "anti-Semitic."  

"At this rate, Trump is a week away from tweeting out (((Crooked Hilary))) tweeted Kevin M. Kruse.

"Really excited for Trump to try to deflate the Star of David tweet by asking 'where’s my Jew' at his next rally," tweeted Matthew Gertz.