Trevor Noah Uses Trump Jr.'s 'Skittles' Analogy on Donald Trump

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Credit: The Daily Show

'The Daily Show' host Trevor Noah mocked the latest controversy coming out of the Trump campaign - Donald Trump Jr.'s now infamous tweet comparing refugees to poisoned skittles

“I can’t figure out who should be more offended by this. Syrians? Or Skittles? Or poison? Or bowls? Or analogies?” Noah began the segment.

Noah decided to try out Trump Jr.'s way of thinking and applied the anology to the Trump campaign.  

“I don’t understand how we live in a world where people don’t understand that all of Trump’s Skittles are poison, people latch on to the three that aren’t: He’s an outsider, he’s tough on immigration and he’s not Hillary Clinton."

“All of the other Skittles are poison: His charities are a ripoff, his university was a ripoff and his tax returns are nowhere to be found. How is that not poison?”

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