Top Haaretz Analyses and Reports on the Paris Attacks

All the best analyses and reports by Chemi Shalev, Gideon Levy, Anshel Pfeffer, Sefy Hendler, Zvi Bar'el, Amos Harel, and more.

A combination photograph from around the world shows vigils and prayer ceremonies for the victims of the November 13, 2015 Paris attacks.

Haaretz presents its all its top reports and analysis on the deadly attacks in Paris Friday night.

A summary of how the deadly Paris attacks unfolded


Shirli Sitbon reports from Paris on a district reeling after the terror attacks: 'It's Like Jerusalem. We're at War'

Shirli Sitbon reports on French Jewry's new reality, being under attack for being French, not Jewish.

In Paris neighborhood heavily hit by terrorists, residents view attackers as victims, Anshel Pfeffer reports from Paris.

Lee Yaron reports on the reaction of French immigrants in Israel: Nowhere is safe.


To stop the next attack, France has to answer some tough questions, says Anshel Pfeffer.

The Paris terror attacks is a game changer, no matter who's behind it, says Anshel Pfeffer.

Prior to the terror attacks in Paris, the writing wasn’t only on the wall — it was inscribed in bold letters on the Eiffel Tower, says Sefy Hendler.

Chemi Shalev with 10 commenters on the Paris terror attacks that he could do without.

Paris attacks may not signal change in ISIS foreign policy, Zvi Bar'el says.

With Paris attacks, line between west and Mideast Fades, says Amos Harel.

Just before the right in Israel begins to celebrate, we must tell them, says Gideon Levy: There is no connection whatsoever between the child with a knife from Hebron and the French Muslim with a suicide bomb in Paris.