The Plot Thickens for Strauss-Kahn

The former IMF chief's second wife Brigitte Guillemette denies claims of attempted rape made by Tristane Banon earlier this week.

Brigitte Guillemette, Dominique Strauss Kahn’s second wife, has stood up to deny Tristane Banon’s account of her attempted rape by the shamed former IMF director eight years ago, and told French investigators she is planning on suing Banon’s mother for defamation of character.

Earlier this week, Banon’s mother, Socialist party member Anne Mansouret, told investigators looking into Banon’s rape charges that the reason she advised her then 24 year old daughter not to report the attempted rape, was so as not to call any attention to her own one-night stand with Strauss Kahn, a “brutal” but consensual affair, as she described it, that she was not keen to advertize because she allegedly was best friends with Guillemette.

Strauss-Kahn - Bloomberg - 6.6.11

Mansouret also told investigators said that she did however confront Guillemette with her daughter’s rape claims -- and that Strauss Kahn then all but admitted the deed to his ex wife when she, in turn, confronted him.

In an interview with the weekly Nouvel Observateur released Wednesday, Guillemette shoots back that “nothing (Mansouret) is saying is true”, and insists “all statements being attributed to me (by Mansouret) are false.” Moreover, she insists, she was far from the best friend Mansouret is trying to make her out to be.

Guillemette also says her daughter Camille “was never a friend of Tristane Banon” as claimed — something Camille has confirmed. According to press leaks of her July 18 interrogation, Camille denied being close to Banon, and stated she has “only had coffee with her twice in my life”: once to hear Banon's request to help set up a meeting with her father, the second, apparently, to hear Banon's accusation Strauss-Kahn tried to rape her at that meeting.

Guillemette characterizes Mansouret's depiction of intimacy between the families as “sordid delusion," this despite the fact that she, Guillemette, is indeed Banon's godmother.

Guillemette goes on to say in the Nouvel Observateur interview that when Camille told her of the claims Banon made against her father during their second meeting, Guillemette immediately called Strauss Kahn—who denied the accusation. She says she then called Mansouret, who--according to Guillemette--responded to the rape claims saying, “None of this is serious. Anyway, I'm Strauss-Kahn's mistress.”