Televangelist at Trump Rally: Bernie Sanders 'Has Got to Meet Jesus'

Jewish candidate for Democratic nomination has 'got to get saved,' pastor Mark Burns says at a North Carolina rally.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks during a campaign rally in Miami, March 8, 2016.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders has "got to get saved," televangelist Mark Burns said at a Donald Trump rally in Hickory, North Carolina on Monday. 

"He's got to meet Jesus, he's got to have a 'coming to Jesus' meeting," the pastor said of the Jewish presidential hopeful, warming up the crowd ahead of Trump's appearance, delayed due to weather conditions.

Burns had joined Trump's cause late last year, campaigning with the Republican frontrunner in his native South Carolina. Burns, an African-American, rebuffed criticism for his support of Trump, saying that many people have the mistaken impression that Trump is "a racist bigot." "That's not the case at all," he said, adding that "We've changed thousands of African-American's mindsets."

A crucial round of nominating contests, including in Florida and Ohio, is slated for Tuesday. Trump has emerged from the early nominating contests with a clear lead in the number of delegates needed to win the party nomination for the Nov. 8 election. 

He is trailed by Ted Cruz, a U.S. senator from Texas, and could seize control of the race with big wins in Tuesday's voting in Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina. 

Opinion polls also showed him with comfortable leads in all those states, except Ohio, where he is roughly tied with the state's governor John Kasich.