Syria's Envoy to Britain Denies Rumors Assad's Wife Fled to London

British-born Syrian first lady rumored to have escaped Damascus and to be hiding out in London with her three children.

The Syrian ambassador in London issued a staunch denial Wednesday regarding rumors that the British-born Syrian first lady, Asma Assad, had fled Damascus and was hiding out in London with her three children.

She was, he insisted, where she belonged, at her husband’s side - “…hard at work, holding meetings with civic leaders and youth groups to discuss their hopes and expectations for the future of the country."

Asma Assad, Bashar Assad, and Britain's Queen Elizabeth - AP

“False rumors circulating in elements of the British media concerning the whereabouts of Her Excellency…and her children, are aimed at disrupting the delicate process of national reform taking place in Syria,” Sami Khiyami, Syria's Ambassador to Britain, said in a statement.

While Assad’s actual whereabouts could not be independently confirmed, according to the embassy, she is and remains in Damascus, “focusing on internal issues including her program of empowerment of the Syrian people.”

“Her children are also in Damascus,” the statement continues, adding that they "only hold a Syrian passport."

Khiyami concluded that, "Mrs. Assad would never leave Syria under any circumstances during this intimate process of national reform and development. The entirety of the Syrian leadership is responding to the legitimate grievances of the people with an ambitious reform agenda as recently outlined by the President.”