Show Solidarity With Hillary: Wear a Pantsuit!

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Hillary Clinton at Love's Barbershop in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 2, 2016.
Hillary Clinton at Love's Barbershop in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 2, 2016. Credit: Andrew Harnik, AP

A secret Facebook group called Pantsuit Nation has called on American women to wear pantsuits on Election Day as a sign of solidarity with the Democrat candidate for president, Hillary Clinton. At the time of this writing, the group had almost one-and-a-half million members, double the number 24 hours earlier. All that was written as a description of the group was “Wear pantsuits on November 8. You know why.” Information about such secret social network groups can typically be traced only by their members, and they are also the only ones who can view the content posted on the site.

Libby Chamberlain, one of the group’s leaders, wrote in a post that professional photographers had volunteered to go around the United States, taking pictures of women wearing pantsuits.

The group’s wall, constantly being updated, contains message by users – mainly women, but some men as well – explaining why they’d decided to vote for Clinton. Many complained of homophobic remarks by GOP candidate Donald Trump, and expressed the concern that his election would seriously impact the LGBT community.

For example, one person named Daisy Moulin-Dahl posted a photo of herself and her female partner, along with their granddaughter. She wrote: “Our granddaughter knows that us loving each other is normal, and that we both love her. We’ve been together for 28 years and were married before she was born. Our fourth grandson is due any day now and we pray that he’s born into a world in which love overcomes hate and in which good always triumphs over evil. We’re with her [Clinton] because she’s with us.”

Another user, named Joy Wilson Stolling, posted an image of her young daughter, and wrote: “My transgender daughter is ready with her pantsuit for Tuesday. Her ‘boy’ clothes have been stored in the basement for months, but then she heard about Pantsuit Nation and a light went on in her head. She went through some old clothes and came up with this (a black pantsuit), adding a pearl necklace. She played it well.”

Another visitor to the website, called Olga Olga Olga, used her post to share her thoughts on the importance of the pantsuit in her life. “I wore one for a job interview in a law office, where I was told that the partners were happy that I wasn’t wearing a wedding ring since they didn’t want to waste time on someone who wanted to be a mother,” she wrote.

After listing the problems she faced as a woman in her professional life, she added: “I’m now planning to go with my husband and two daughters and vote for a woman who experienced all this while she was wearing her pantsuit.”

Others maintained a lighthearted tone with humorous posts, such as Renee K. McHugh, who wrote: “My parents are voting for Trump. I need a hug.”

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