Sanders Says Hillary Clinton Should Cease Contact With the Clinton Foundation as President

Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was asked on 'Meet the Press' if the Clinton Foundation should be shut down if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

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NBC News transcript:

CHUCK TODD: I understand that but you can't govern if you don't have trust. Can she rebuild trust by pledging something to do that? Is it shutting down the foundation? What would you tell her to do? 

BERNIE SANDERS: Well, I would certainly suggest that as president of the United States she should cease all operations, all contact, with the Clinton Foundation. 

TODD: Does that mean shutting it down or just not being involved? Can you truly -- 

SANDERS: At the very least she should -- at the very least she should not be involved, at the very least. 

TODD: And would you feel more comfortable if it didn't exist during her time as president? 

SANDERS: I don't know enough. They are the -- they do a lot of good things with AIDS and so forth so I can't definitively answer that. But I think, Chuck, what we've got to do as a nation is have a serious debate on the enormous crises facing this country. That is where our focus has got to be.