Russian Embassy in U.K. Tweets Report on Syrian Rebels Using Command & Conquer Screenshot

A flood of sarcastic tweets ensues after the Russian Embassy in the U.K. tweets that truckloads of chemical weapons were received by Syrian rebels accompanied by a computer game screenshot.

A screenshot of the Russian Embassy of London's twitter account taken on May 12, 2016.

The Russian Embassy in London was met with derision on Thursday, after tweeting a report regarding truckloads of chemical weapons that it said were received by Syrian rebels. 

The problem was not with the report itself, but with the tweet's accompanying photo: A screenshot from the "Command & Conquer: Generals" computer game.

The embassy, which had actually retweeted the item from the Russian Defense Ministry, never pretended that the photo was of actual ammunition trucks, and the caption on the picture of the trucks stated: "image used for illustration purposes only." 

But that didn't stop the sarcastic flood of Twitter comments: