Plane Allegedly Carrying Arms From Iran to Syria Forced to Land in Turkey

Istanbul-based Dogan News Agency says weapons found on plane, which was examined by Turkish security officials, were connected to Iranian nuclear program.

Turkey ordered a cargo plane allegedly carrying arms from Iran to Syria to land at a Turkish airport on Wednesday, the Istanbul-based Dogan News Agency reported.

The plane, which allegedly contained weapons connected to Iran's nuclear program, was forced to landed in the city of Diyarbakir. Security officials arrived at the airport to check the plane's contents, Turkish news agencies reported.

Turkey's official Anatolia news agency confirmed that the plane, heading from Tehran to Aleppo, Syria, was searched Wednesday. But Anatolia and the government did not say what the cargo plane was found to be carrying.

Turkey's foreign ministry played down the report, calling it standard procedure for Iranian cargo planes to request permission to fly over and subsequently be required to make unscheduled landings for inspection.

The report comes just one day after Israel seized a ship smuggling Iranian weapons to Gaza. Israel Defense Forces estimate that the cache found on the ship, which contains missiles with a range of 35 kilometers, could total 50 tons.