Pakistan-bound Plane Diverts to Sweden Due to Bomb Threat

Woman calls Canadian police after plane takes off from Canada, saying a man on board had explosives with him; police in Sweden find no explosives on board.

Police have detained and are questioning the man said to be carrying explosives on board a
Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 777, which was diverted to Sweden while en route to Pakistan from Canada.

Stockholm district police spokesman Janne Hedlund said a woman had called Canadian police after the plane had taken off from Canada, saying a man on board had explosives with him.

Hedlund said that no explosives had been found on the man. "His baggage and the plane were being searched," he added.

Canadian police informed the pilot and, as the plane was in Swedish airspace, it was diverted to Arlanda airport, the main airport for the Swedish capital.

All the passengers had remained on board, he said, adding that the pilot had probably told them he had landed due to technical reasons.

He said that the man had passed through all the security checks before getting on the plane.

Hedlund did know which airline the plane belonged to but newspaper Expressen said on its website that it was a Pakistan Airlines jet on the way from Calgary to Karachi.