NYT Editor Criticizes Trump, Spends Next 8 Hours Retweeting anti-Semitic Abuse

Jonathan Weisman, deputy editor at the Times' Washington bureau, opened the floodgates when he called out anti-Semitism in the presumptive nominee's camp.

One of the tweets retweeted by Jonathan Weisman.
Jonathan Weisman / Twitter

A New York Times editor called out anti-Semitism in the ranks of Donald Trump supporters on Twitter on Thursday and was sadly immediately vindicated, when he was inundated with a flood of bigoted tweets from purported fans of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. 

Jonathan Weisman, deputy editor at the Times' Washington bureau unleashed hell when he referred to Trump’s wavering renunciation of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke back in February, Melania Trump’s justification of the anti-Semitism unleashed on reporter Julia Ioffe for her GQ profile of the would-be first lady last week and Sheldon Adelson’s recent appeal for Republican Jewish leaders to support the presumptive GOP nominee for president — all in less than 140 characters.

Weisman’s tweet caught the eye of “Cyber Trump,” who proceeded to bait the Washington, D.C.-based Jewish journalist into a response.  

After the exchange made waves in the Twitterverse, the anti-Semitic deluge only got far, far worse. Weisman spent the next eight hours retweeting missives that he has received throughout the day: 

Finally, Weisman bade farewell to his followers and legions of anti-Semites: 

This was not the first time criticism of Trump by Jewish reporters has resulted in anti-Semitic backlash. On Tuesday, Melania Trump, the wife of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, suggested that journalist Julia Ioffe “provoked” the anti-Semitic abuse she faced from Trump fans after publishing negative profile about her.

“I don’t control my fans,” Melania said in an interview with DuJour. “But I don’t agree with what they’re doing. I understand what you mean, but there are people out there who maybe went too far. She provoked them."

Ioffe, who is Jewish, received calls from people playing Hitler speeches, told that she “should be burned in an oven,” “be shot in the head,” and was sent photoshopped images of her in a concentration camp uniform.