Norway Terror Suspect Claims to Have Acted Alone

Police have no other suspects for the worst massacre committed in Norway since World War Two, in which at least 92 people were killed and 97 more wounded.

A right-wing zealot who admitted to bomb and gun attacks in Norway that killed 92 people on Friday claims he acted alone, Norway's police said on Sunday.

"He has admitted to the facts of both the bombing and the shooting, although he's not admitting criminal guilt," acting police chief Sveinung Sponheim told a news conference about detained suspect Anders Behring Breivik.

Norway - Reuters - July 23, 2011

"He says that he was alone but the police must verify everything that he said. Some of the witness statements from the island [shootings] have made us unsure of whether there was one or more shooters," said Sponheim

Sponheim said police had no other suspects for the worst massacre committed in Norway since World War Two, in which 97 people were also wounded. Several people also remain missing, which could raise the death toll

Breivik, 32, is believed to be responsible for the two separate terror attacks that occurred in Norway on Friday.

After seven people were killed in a car bomb blast at a government building in Oslo, Breivik allegedly went to the island of Utoya, where he opened fire on a gathering of young people at a Labor party summer camp, killing at least 85 people. Four or five people remain missing.

The gunman was shooting at people for an hour and a half before surrendering to a SWAT team, which arrived 40 minutes after they were called, police said. The gunman was armed with a pistol and an automatic weapon, said Sponheim.

Police have said that they have charged Breivik under Norway's terror law. He will be arraigned on Monday when a court decides whether police can continue to hold him as the investigation continues.