Michele Bachmann: Obama Is No Friend of Israel

Minnesota Congresswoman Michel Bachman, crowned the unofficial queen of the Tea Party Movement, got her campaign off to a promising start with her impressive appearance in the first televised Republican debates.

Bachmann, oft described as the new and more polished version of Sarah Palin, initially won herself some natural attention as the only woman in a line-up of male candidates. As the race progressed, however, she found herself sidelined due to a number of slips of the tongue, epic errors, and often extreme stances on the issues.

Michele Bachmann

April 6, 1956


Current position
Member of the United States House of Representatives, and is the first Republican woman to represent representing Minnesota's 6th congressional district (since 2006)

Previous positions
Served in the Minnesota State Senate and is the first Republican woman to represent the state in Congress.

Other information:
• Supporter of the Tea Party movement and founder of the House Tea Party Caucus
• Spent the summer at age 17 in Israel volunteering on Kibbutz Be'eri

Chances of winning party nomination
Was considered a frontrunner after winning the Iowa Republican straw poll, but she seems to have lost momentum.


On Obama's policy toward Israel

"President Obama is the first president in modern history not to stand by Israel... I believe he’s been no friend of Israel... he stands with Occupy Wall Street, he won’t stand with Israel. I will stand with Israel." (Interview with Glenn Beck, November 21, 2011)

On Obama and Sarkozy caught calling Netanyahu a 'liar'

“I call on the president to immediately apologize to Prime Minister Netanyahu, and he should demonstrate leadership and demand that the French president do the same."

“As president of the United States I will stand with Israel... I will not do as this president has done and put daylight between the United States and Israel. That was a foolish decision.”

On Iran

“Russia is absolutely in bed with Iran, and they have been for the destruction of Israel…” (Interview with Glenn Beck, November 21, 2011)