LIVE BLOG: Obama Sworn in for Second Term as U.S. President

U.S. president swears to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution in a massive public celebration; Obama: America will remain the anchor of strong alliances in every corner of the globe.

Thousands of people gathered outside the U.S. Capitol to witness the public inauguration ceremony of U.S. President Barack Obama, where he gave his second inaugural address. 

Obama took the official oath for his second term on Sunday at the White House in a private ceremony with his family. Obama put his hand on a Bible and recited the 35-word oath that was read to him by U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts.

The intimate swearing-in met the legal requirement that presidents officially take office on January 20. The traditional public ceremonies were put off to Monday, which coincide this year with the birthday of revered civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

The ceremony marks the beginning of Obama's second four-year-term.

12:10 P.M. Obama: "The oath was an oath to God and country, not party or friction" (Haaretz)

12:09 P.M. Obama: "Decisions are upon us, and we cannot afford delay." (Haaretz)

12:07 P.M. Obama: "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law." (Haaretz)

12:03 P.M. Obama: America will remain the anchor of strong alliances of every corner of the globe. Obama vows U.S. will support democracy from "Asia to Africa, from the Americas to the Middle East." (Reuters)

12:00 P.M. Obama: U.S. must remake government, revamp tax code. (Reuters)

11:58 A.M. Obama: U.S. must make hard choices to reduce the cost of healthcare and size of debt. (Haaretz)

11:56 A.M. Obama: "Our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it," America's prosperity must rest on "broad shoulders of a rising middle class." (Haaretz)

11:54 A.M. Obama: "A decade of war is now ending. An economic recovery has begun." (Haaretz)

11:52 A.M. Obama delivers second inauguration speech. (Haaretz)

11:50 A.M. U.S. President Barack Obama takes public oath of office at public ceremony. (Haaretz)

11:46 A.M. Vice President Joe Biden is publicly sworn-in by Supreme Court Judge Sonia Sotomayer (Haaretz)

11:36 A.M. Two signs held by people on Pennsylvania Avenue going toward the Capitol: "God Hates Obama" and "America Is Doomed." (AP)

11:35 A.M. Crowd extends from the Capitol and beyond the Washington Monument to around the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial. (AP)

11:24 A.M. Former presidents Bill Clinton, Jimmy carter arrive to Obama's second inauguration at the Capitol. (DPA)

11:13 A.M. (EST) U.S. President Barack Obama arrives at the Capitol for the beginning of inauguration ceremonies (AP)