Kimmel Roasts 'Crazy' Giuliani Michigan Election Hearings

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Kimmel roasts 'crazy' Giuliani Michigan election hearings
Kimmel roasts 'crazy' Giuliani Michigan election hearingsCredit: Screen grab / YouTube

U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani took over a Michigan House Oversight Committee meeting on Thursday, in what became quickly satirized political theater, calling and questioning witnesses in an effort to convince the GOP-controlled Legislature to replace Michigan’s electors to vote for Trump.

Giuliani’s first witness was Jessy Jacob, a furloughed Detroit worker who was temporarily assigned to the city clerk’s office.

She repeated claims in her affidavit that was submitted in a lawsuit in which GOP poll challengers unsuccessfully sought to stop the certification of votes in the Democratic stronghold of Wayne County, home to Detroit. 

However, it was a witness named Melissa Carone who ended up making headlines. Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel opened his show Thursday night discussing Carone.

Trump & Giuliani’s Falsehoods, Fraud & Farts

“Cousin Rudy is at it again,”Kimmel began. “There is some crazy stuff going on right now that most people probably aren’t even aware of. The nuttiest of the nutty Trump nuts are showing up to what they’re calling ‘election hearings’ and all the looneys are coming out of the bin.

“Last night we were introduced to a new character in the Trumperverse, a woman named Melissa Carone—no relation to the virus and I say character because I’ve watched this clip around 14 times now and I am still not convinced she’s a real person.”

Kimmel then played a clip of Carone’s testimony and added, “This woman, who it seemed like she was even making Rudy Giuliani nervous, believes this nonsense that even Trump doesn’t actually believe. She spent most of her time accusing the Democrats of stealing the election by attacking Republican politicians.”

Other clips from the hearing circulated on social media, showing highlights from the witnesses’ testimonies.

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