John Oliver Rips Into Disrespectful Israeli Reporter

Emmy winner puts 'David from Israel,' who had asked him if he felt responsible for contributing to Trump's success, in place in classic Oliver style.

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Credit: Variety

What happens when you mix political commentator John Oliver and an Israeli reporter at a post-Emmys interview? Politics, apparently, much to the chagrin of Oliver, who would rather bask in the light of his television triumph.

After an Australian reporter called out Oliver for saying last year that Trump wouldn't happen and the host of "Last Week Tonight" defended his position by pointing out that the election isn't over yet, an Israeli reporter couldn't resist a follow up question.

Calling himself David from Israel, he stated: "There's been a lot of talk, just to continue with our last point that the media contributed to Trump's success this past year, feeding the beast if you will.  Do you feel responsible?"

Oliver, peeved that everyone was forgetting the real reason he was in the room, replied: "Uh, thank you, yes, it was an honor to win." He nonetheless answered the question in his own style. "Uh, do I feel responsible for Trump? The short answer to that is no, and the slightly longer answer is no of course I fucking don’t," he retorted, drawing chuckles from the audience.

When the following reporter opened with, "Hi John, congratulations on your win," Oliver turned to the Israeli and said: "Thank you, David that's how it’s done. That's basic human politeness."