J Street: Donald Trump Is Unfit to Be President

A statement issued by the liberal Jewish American advocacy group claimed 'Trump lacks seriousness and capacity to advance American interests and to help Israel.'

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks during a town hall event in Tampa, Florida, on Monday, March 14, 2016.

The liberal Jewish American advocacy group J Street has come out in opposition to Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, saying "the statements made and actions taken by Donald Trump are so deeply at odds with our values and our view of American interests in the Middle East, that we feel compelled to express our adamant opposition to his candidacy."

In a statement issued by the group on Wednesday, the group cited Trump's "outrageous and alarming attacks on immigrants, Hispanics, women and other groups as well as his call for a total ban on Muslims entering the United States," saying it "runs diametrically counter to the values J Street espouses.

"Trump has demonized in a most un-American way refugees fleeing the horrifying humanitarian crisis in Syria [indicating] a profoundly dangerous worldview which considers billions of people as a dangerous 'other,' undeserving of basic compassion and understanding."

According to the group, "Trump lacks the seriousness and capacity to advance American interests and to help Israel meet the difficult challenges it faces."

The group went on to say that not only was "Donald Trump unfit to be President of the United States," but that he and his campaign "are beyond the bounds of acceptability for the vast majority of Jewish Americans."