Italian Police Investigating Suspicious Death of Israeli Woman

Xenia Ostrovsky, 27, married an Italian man; her mother told Haaretz she does not have the money to bring her body home for burial.

Italian police are investigating the suspicious death of an Israeli woman whose body was found in a suburb of Rome earlier this week, the woman's mother told Haaretz on Wednesday.

Xenai Ostrovsky, 27, had been living in Italy for four years with her Italian husband Mateus Partoner.

"I hadn’t heard from her for several days so I called her husband a few days ago and then he told me that a tragedy had occurred and that Xenia was gone," the woman's mother, Nadia, said.

"We are very sad, and we don’t know how she died or who killed her," said Ms. Ostrovsky. " I want her body to be brought back to Israel to be buried but we don’t have the money," she added.

She also said that she received a phone call from the Israeli consul general in Italy who told her that they wanted to perform an autopsy.