Israeli Arrested After Threatening to Kill Passengers on Qantas Flight

Man allegedly tries to open emergency door while plane en-route from Australia to Hong Kong in what was described by eyewitnesses as nervous breakdown.

An Israeli man was arrested Thursday after he allegedly threatened to kill himself and all the passengers on board a Qantas flight from Australia to Hong Kong, according to various media sources.

Qantas , Bloomberg

The 23-year-old Israeli allegedly started shouting that he would open the emergency doors and kill everyone, in what was described by eyewitnesses as a nervous breakdown. The man apparently complained about the food and the service before the episode.

Passengers on board the plane said the man was restrained by the aircraft crew after he allegedly prayed in Hebrew and then went off on a tirade threatening to open the doors saying it was "God's will."

Hong Kong police arrested the man after the aircraft landed.