Internet Hails 'Bernie Sandwiches' New Hampshire Victory

MSNBC host Chris Hayes mistakenly called the Jewish presidential candidate 'Bernie Sandwiches' on a live broadcast. Social media acted accordingly.

Gabe Friedman
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A Bernie Sandwich
A Bernie SandwichCredit: Twitter / JTA Photo Archive
Gabe Friedman

JTA - In the scramble to announce Bernie Sanders’ victory in the New Hampshire Democratic primary Tuesday night, MSNBC host Chris Hayes gave the Internet one of the Jewiest food memes since Hillary Clinton’s gefilte fish “scandal.”

Hayes mistakenly called the Jewish presidential candidate “Bernie Sandwiches” on a live broadcast.

The connection between Sanders’ new status as the first Jew to win a presidential primary and the Jewishness of the deli sandwich was not lost on the Twitterverse.

Some had fun imagining all of the possibilities that a “Bernie Sandwich” presents.

Others seized the opportunity to criticize Sanders’ policy proposals.

The Internet was also suddenly buzzing with comments on Sanders’ Jewishness after he made Jewish history.