Influential Republican Donor Paul Singer Won't Endorse Trump – nor Clinton

Noting that it's a 'difficult time if not a bleak time' for the conservatives, Singer predicts that the conservatives will recover after the 2016 election season.

Supporters gather before a Donald Trump rally in Lynden, Washington, May 7, 2016.
Matt Mills McKnight, Getty Images/AFP

A top donor for the Republican party has announced that he will not back Donald Trump in the upcoming elections, the National Review reported on Monday.

Paul Singer, a hedge-fund manager in New York City, admitted that it was a “difficult time if not a bleak time” for conservatives, but that the Republican party must "stand up for what we believe, which is not embodied by either choice on the menu in November." Singer had previously endorsed Marco Rubio for the Republican presidential nomination.

Singer also said that he has faith in the United States and believes the conservatives will recover after the 2016 election season.

According to the National Review, the influential donor also declined to support Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Singer, who heads the board of free-market think tank Manhattan Institute, made the comments at a dinner held in honor of the winners of the organization's Alexander Hamilton award.